Research & Evaluation

Consistent with our organization’s commitment to evaluation and continuous improvement, NIED will formalize new partnerships with academic institutions and researchers to investigate which types of interactions, interventions, tools, skills, competencies and behaviours are effective at:

  • improving providers’, school professionals’ and parents’ capacity to identify issues at the earliest possible moments
  • strengthening therapeutic alliance
  • enhancing collaboration between shared-care providers
  • improving emotional support provided to service users and caregivers
  • enhancing coping skills and well-being in outpatient or community settings
  • supporting relapse prevention
  • improving illness management

Ultimately, through research, NIED seeks to determine to what extent communications or collaboration styles, skills or approaches in Eating Disorders care, support or services play an important role in improving experiences with care or diminishing it, as well as support the achievement of improved health and social outcomes.  NIED is also interested in examining how specific educational tools, resources and activities can help improve engagement between shared-care practitioners, service users and their caregivers and family members.