COVID-19 and Eating Disorders: FAQ page and Helpline.

To help you navigate the current climate, our friends at the National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC) have posted
a special FAQ page on their website. Please visit: https://nedic.ca/covid-19-ed-faqs/

NEDIC also run a toll-free, anonymous helpline that you can access if you need somebody to talk to.
You can phone in, email, or visit their website. For information, please visit: https://nedic.ca/contact/

This excellent Huffington Post article on Eating Disorders
and the Coronavirus outlines multiple tips to help keep you focused on being your best self:

NOTE: Because this is an American article, there is a reference to the US National Eating Disorders Association Hotline.
If you’re looking for help via the Canadian Hotline, please see the link above.

NIED was launched in 2012 in Toronto, Canada. We have become the voice for Canadian families, caregivers, and individuals who are affected by Eating Disorders and other comorbid and concurrent diagnoses.