NIED assists and supports people coping with the effects of Eating Disorders by providing access to educational, informational and other recovery-oriented resources related to the prevention and treatment of Eating Disorders and related mental illnesses in Canada.

COVID-19 and Eating Disorders: FAQ page and Helpline.

To help you navigate the current climate, our friends at the National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC) have posted
a special FAQ page on their website. Please visit:

NEDIC also run a toll-free, anonymous helpline that you can access if you need somebody to talk to.
You can phone in, email, or visit their website. For information, please visit:

This excellent Huffington Post article on Eating Disorders
and the Coronavirus outlines multiple tips to help keep you focused on being your best self:

NOTE: Because this is an American article, there is a reference to the US National Eating Disorders Association Hotline.
If you’re looking for help via the Canadian Hotline, please see the link above.