A critical part of NIED’S mission is to educate people about Eating Disorders. This includes raising awareness about this devastating illness within the broader community, as well as educating those impacted by Eating Disorders and their caregivers and families.

Education is integral to supporting those with Eating Disorders. It helps people understand the illness and its physical and psychological manifestations. It also helps inform the development of programs and connections that people can access to guide them through their difficult journey to greater physical and psychological stability and ultimately to wellness.

For NIED, educational symposia – open forums that ask critical questions and share first-person accounts – shed light on the complexities of this illness and have proven invaluable educational tools that will continue to be part of our educational approach.

NIED will also advance education by conducting or funding research into the impacts of Eating Disorders. We will disseminate the results of the research to the public to create a body of critical data that will help shape our understanding, and ultimately our actions, on behalf of people affected by Eating Disorders.

The more information and understanding people have about this debilitating illness, the greater likelihood it can facilitate an increased empathy for those impacted by Eating Disorders.

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