To celebrate NIED’s 10-year milestone as a leader fostering Education, Understanding & Action for Eating Disorders in Canada, we shone the light on how young adults are getting involved in spreading education, understanding and action about Eating Disorders.

Our The Way Ahead event coincided with World Eating Disorder Action Day on June 2, 2022. It spotlighted how the next generation is stepping up with spirited passion and commitment to help ignite change in the Canadian Eating Disorder landscape.

The event’s presenters included:

  • Kirsten Moore Towers, an Olympian Pairs Figure Skater; introduced by Dr. Heather Wheeler, Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Lead, Canadian Sports Institute of Ontario
  • A group of 4 young researchers from McMaster University
  • Representatives from Frayme’s Groundbreakers network of youth, caregivers, and advocates aiming to transform Canada’s youth mental health and substance use system
  • The founder of The Starving Artist and Activist
  • The National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC)
  • The Recovery Project Foundation, who advocate for mental health by helping to defray medical expenses for treatments of Eating Disorders, alongside other mental illnesses, to individuals who have a demonstrated need for financial assistance
  • The University of Guelph Wellness Centre
  • The New Mentality, a not-for-profit network of youth and adult allies working together to Disable the Label of mental illness
  • Body Brave, charitable organization who through treatment, training and education, work to end the suffering Eating Disorders cause
  • The Mental Health Commission of Canada

A recorded copy of The Way Ahead event will shortly become available.

NIED is grateful to FRAYME for their generous support as a sponsor of The Way Ahead.

Frayme leads a national network that connects mental health, health and social services working with youth and young adults to accelerate the integration and implementation of youth care in Canada.