We’ve asked you before to contact your MP about how Eating Disorders have affected you and your family. But we know that it’s not always easy to do. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and tools to help guide you.

Why contact your MP?

When it comes to spreading awareness, it’s the PERSONALstories that have the biggest impact. These shared experiences will be what makes the necessary change we need to see in the unforgiving and devastating world of Eating Disorders. In the words of our Founder, Wendy Preskow:

“In order for NIED to continue to be successful in Ottawa and to further our mission of awareness – we ask YOU, your family and your friends – to book an appointment with YOUR MP to meet for 30 minutes and to share your pain, your story, your recovery and wherever you are on your journey.


Read more of Wendy’s call to action.

How do I talk to my MP about Eating Disorders?

Contacting your MP may seem like a daunting, overwhelming and intimidating call for you or your family members to make. Here are the scripts that we have used when meeting the MPs listed on our website. Please remember you can always contact a NIED representative with any questions.

Setting up a meeting

“Good morning/afternoon,
I would appreciate making an appointment to meet with (MP Name) to share my story.
I ….(or my child/sibling/friend/spouse, etc.) have been suffering/suffered from an Eating Disorder, and I need to talk about all that I/he/she has been through/is going through with (MP Name).
Please, when can we meet? I will work around the MP’s schedule as I know he/she is extremely busy.”

Then, schedule a date.

At the meeting

“(MP Name), thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate it knowing how busy you are.
It has been suggested to me from an organization NIED – the Nationial Initiative for Eating Disorders – to share my (or my child/sibling/friend/spouse, etc.) story.
Do you know anyone, or have you in any way been affected by someone with an Eating Disorder? It’s such a secretive illness, but we’re trying to break the silence (wait for response then reply accordingly).
I would like to read my story to you (read. Pause when done. If you get upset, it’s OK).
We need to ensure that Eating Disorders are on the agendas for all meetings regarding mental health issues.
Can you help create awareness, understanding and action? Please, will you talk about this when you are in these kinds of meetings in Ottawa?
Do you have anyone we should contact?”

You are free to mention NIED and our representatives by name at anytime.

At the end of the meeting

Thank the MP and leave. It may also be a great idea to write or email a thank-you note..

Please let us know who you have met with and the outcome, so that we have the information to follow up.

Other suggestions

  • Read your story: Try writing out your story to share when you are face-to-face with your MP, or let him/her know that you want to read your story. Wendy does this at every single meeting in Ottawa. The MP will be moved, shocked, sympathetic, and usually very quiet for a few moments after your story.
  • Request something actionable: An additional ask for your MP is to present a Private Members Bill – to proclaim Eating Disorders Awareness Week a Federally acknowledged week. Every MP can present a PMB, but they only get a certain number of opportunities to do so.
  • Contact us: You can always contact NIED if you have any questions about contacting your MP. We need your help and we’d love to support you.


We would like to thank all those individuals who have met with their MPs. We’ve said it before – when it comes to spreading awareness, it’s the PERSONAL stories that have the biggest impact. We need your help to bring meaningful change to the awareness, education, treatment and prevention of Eating Disorders in Canada.