Support Groups

Support Groups2020-04-04T21:29:29-04:00

Led by: Stephanie Griver, MSW, RSW.

Is your loved one battling the voice of the Eating Disorder?
Learn strategies to help you understand that the Eating Disorder is separate from your loved one.

Uncover hope and encouragement in yourself, develop techniques and gain an understanding
of how to care for a loved one with an Eating Disorder.

Special Announcement

Sadly, at this time, the Caregivers Support Group will be put on hold due to the Outbreak of COVID-19.

I hope that you all are safe. Please know if you require any support, have questions, or need to talk please
reach out and call me at 416-457-7255 or email at

Remember, you are not alone. Seek help to support your loved one at this time. Wishing you good health.