On February 6, 2018members of the NIED team attended an event in the Speakers’ Lounge on the Hill to inform, educate and acknowledge Feb 1-7 as Eating Disorders Awareness Week in Canada. The event was hosted by NIED, Deputy Speaker Carol Hughes, MP Michael Levitt, MP Marilyn Gladu and Senator Nancy Greene-Raine. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Geoff Regan, shown here with Alex Macri and Lynne Koss from NIED, graciously opened the Speakers’ Lounge to NIED for the event.

NIED was thrilled to have the following organizations join us:
Hopewell Eating Disorder Centre Ottawa, Alyssa Stevenson Eating Disorder Trust of Manitoba, Health Canada, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, The Royal Ottawa, Public Health Ottawa, University Health Network of Toronto, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Association of Social Workers, Canadian Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health, Emily Murphy Non Profit Housing Corporation, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, and the Youth Services Bureau.

Thank you all for making our 15th visit to the Hill so special, inspiring and memorable!