That all Canadians affected by Eating Disorders and related mental illnesses have equitable access to high quality publicly covered health care and social services to support their recovery, no matter where they live in Canada.        


NIED assists people cope with the effects of Eating Disorders by providing access to educational, informational and other recovery-oriented resources related to the prevention and treatment of Eating Disorders and related mental illnesses in Canada.

Organizational Goals

To fulfill our mission, NIED works with dedicated volunteers and stakeholders on the implementation of the following priorities:

Organizational Goals Strategic Plan Priorities: 2019 – 2021
  1. Supporting People
1. Developing and delivering new educational programs and activities to showcase
on a new e-learning Platform (edU) for Eating Disorders in Canada.
  1. Improving Access
2. Implementing education and training activities in support of Canadian Eating Disorders Strategy implementation, to measurably improve Eating Disorders outcomes in Canada between 2019 and 2029.
  1. Organizational Excellence and Sustainability
3. NIED will continue to engage openly and transparently with stakeholders through various media, fora and communications channels.

4. NIED will launch a new comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2020 to support the implementation of its strategic goals and key initiatives identified in the Canadian Eating Disorders Strategy.

5. NIED will continue to track its progress against organizational goals and key initiatives in its evaluation matrix and introduce a new risk management framework in 2020.