Consistent with better governance practices for not-for-profit and charitable organizations in Canada, NIED underwent a governance renewal process between 2018 and 2019.  This resulted in the adoption of 11 updated Board policies and, where applicable, related guidelines, which guide the Board, the President and Officers of the Corporation in the implementation of its legal and operational responsibilities.

NIED’s Officers review its compliance with its policies on an ongoing basis and the Board of Directors formally reviews its policies every two years (i.e. during odd-numbered years).

Below, we highlight a brief description and/or key directives from our policies that guide us in the fulfillment of our mission and our oversight roles.

Volunteer Policy (NB-001-2018)

The National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED) is a volunteer-run organization; our volunteers are the heart of our organization. NIED would not be able to do the work it does without the dedication, support and strength of the generous individuals who commit their time to our organization.  Thank you!

The health and safety of all volunteers is a top priority for NIED. As an organization actively promoting mental health and wellbeing, NIED takes all reasonable and practical steps to ensure volunteers’ health, safety and wellbeing are in no way compromised by their volunteer workload and involvement with the organization.

To help guide our volunteer management, NIED adheres to the guiding principles and standards outlined in the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

Stakeholder Engagement and External Communications Policy (NB-003-2019)

NIED adheres to the highest standards, guidelines and legislation regarding its communications and interactions with both internal (Board of Directors, staff) and external stakeholders (volunteers, participants, donors, other organizations, public servants, elected representatives, members of the public).

All partnership proposals must be presented by the President to the Board of Directors in writing for approval.

External communications to donors are not governed by this policy, but rather by NIED’s Fundraising Policy (NB-11-2019).

NIED may, from time-to-time, send to external stakeholders commercial and/or promotional information related to our mission.  In these cases, NIED will ensure that these communications to stakeholders adhere to requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Privacy Policy (NB-005-2019)

NIED adheres to the highest standards regarding the protection of personal information that may be under its control.

This policy outlines how NIED stores, analyzes and/or shares personal information collected from or given to the organization by external and internal stakeholders.

Personal information is defined as “information about an identifiable individual, such as race; national or ethnic origin; religion; age; marital status; medical; education or employment history; financial information; DNA; internet protocol (IP) address; identifying numbers such as your social insurance number or driver’s licence; and views or opinions about an employee.”

NIED will never share an individual’s personal information with any third-party without the consent of that individual.

In all cases, NIED ensures that it transparently and proactively communicates to all people from whom it collects personal information:

  1. What personal information is being collected;
  2. For what purposes personal information is being collected, used or disclosed (if permissible);
  3. How NIED intends to use that personal information to further its educational mission;
  4. With which parties personal information may be shared (if permissible); and
  5. What risks of harm or other consequences might arise from any collection, use or disclosure of personal information provided to NIED.

You may consult NIED’s Privacy Policy here.

Complaints Policy (NB-004-2019)

NIED is open to receiving positive feedback and complaints about its operations, activities, volunteers and staff.  NIED seeks to handle complaints in a fair, prompt and consistent manner.

This policy outlines how members of the public, staff members and volunteers may lodge a complaint with NIED regarding its operations or activities.  This policy also outlines the steps NIED will take to review and address complaints.  This policy should be read with relevant sections of NIED’s Privacy Policy.

A full copy of NIED’s Complaints Policy can be consulted here.

Finance and Audit Policies (NB-010-2019)

  • NIED adheres to the highest standards of financial management through the sound planning, approval, monitoring and governance of policies and procedures related to its human, financial and material resources (e.g. physical assets).
  • The Board of Directors is alone responsible for approving the financial objectives and fundraising plans of the organization.

Fundraising Policy (NB-011-2019)

  • NIED is committed to being responsible custodians of donated funds, exercising due care concerning the governance of fundraising and financial reporting, and ensuring to the best of its ability that the organization adheres to the provisions of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountabilty Code.
  • NIED respects the privacy of all donors. NIED shall never sell or rent its donor list to anyone
  • NIED respects the wishes of beneficiaries and donors regarding the frequency of NIED’s contact with them, the means through which NIED may contact them, the format (e.g. digital or paper) of information NIED can send to them, and their desire to end communications from NIED.
  • Complaints from prospective donors, donors, members of the public or other organizations shall be promptly addressed by NIED in accordance with its Complaints Policy (NB-05-2019). Complainants will always have recourse to appeal, in writing, any resolution proposed by management to NIED’s Board of Directors.

Questions regarding NIED’s Policies may be directed to the Executive Director, Michelle D’Amico (