Finding Hope Together: Dads and Partners Supporting Children and Adolescents in Eating Disorder Recovery

This webinar is tailored for male caregivers, including fathers, guardians, and support persons, who are providing care & support to individuals struggling with EDs.

Join us for a heartfelt and informative webinar on October 4th @ 6:30 PM EST, where we will explore the crucial role of dads & partners in the journey of ED recovery.

Navigating the complexities of supporting a loved one through an ED can be challenging, & caregivers play an essential role in the recovery process. In this insightful panel discussion, we bring together a group of experts & experienced caregivers to share their wisdom, guidance, & stories of hope.

Elissa Myers: A compassionate & experienced advocate in the field of ED support, Elissa will guide the conversation, ensuring that all aspects of recovery & caregiving are explored.
Dr. Blake Woodside: A distinguished medical professional specializing in EDs, Dr. Woodside will provide valuable insights into the medical aspects of recovery, treatment options, & the importance of a holistic approach.
Paul McKenzie: A dedicated father who has supported his child through an ED journey, Paul will share his personal experiences, challenges, & triumphs. His perspective as a caregiver offers invaluable insights into caregiving’s emotional and practical aspects.
Dr. Kyle Ganson: As a clinical social worker specializing in the mental health treatment of eating disorders, Dr. Ganson provides individual and group therapy to fathers and male caregivers in his private practice.
Ryan Krupat: Ryan is in his 5th and last year at Toronto Metropolitan University, where he is studying Global Management. He was 12 when he first developed an Eating Disorder, and lived with it for about 7-8 years.

During this webinar, you will:
✅ Gain a deeper understanding of EDs & their impact on individuals and families.
✅ Learn about effective strategies & resources available to support your loved one’s recovery.
✅ Hear personal stories of hope & resilience from fellow caregivers who have walked this path.
✅ Have the opportunity to ask questions & seek guidance from our panel of experts.

Together, we can provide the support & strength needed to help our loved ones on their path to healing & wellness!

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