After 8 years, over 70 educational symposia, and over 10,000 conversations with people looking for help, support and guidance related to addressing an Eating Disorder or related illness, NIED knows that we can do better to support recovery from Eating Disorders.

In 2018, we surveyed Caregivers and asked them what has worked for them, what successes they had and what challenges they experienced in caring for themselves and for someone affected by an Eating Disorder.

This experience and the rich feedback we received prompted NIED to establish a Caregivers and People with Lived Experience Advisory Committee in 2019.

In 2020, we will engage people at-risk, recovering or recovered from an Eating Disorder to co-design new educational tools and resources that focus on them and their experiences. These resources will help them meet their day-to-day needs1 across various parts of a person’s recovery journey.

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Good communication, strong collaboration and parent/caregiver involvement are essential to supporting recovery from complex mental illnesses, including Eating Disorders. In short, relationships matter2.

The four NIED Education Programs outlined here will fulfill NIED’s mission to assist people in coping with the effects of Eating Disorders by providing educational, informational and other resources relating to recovery, mental illness and Eating Disorders.





1 Currently not being only partially addressed by organizations / hospitals / clinics or ED programs in Canada.
2 British Columbia, Clinical Practice Guidelines for the BC Eating Disorders Continuum of Services (2012), p. 6