NIED’s Board of Directors governs the organization in accordance with better practices in not-for-profit management. Here is a summary of our organizational policies.

Board of Directors Terms of Reference (NB-006-2019)

NIED’s Board of Directors is committed to making decisions based on the best interests of the organization as a whole, in keeping with its mission, strategic plan goals and objectives. It does so by applying due care in the exercise of its responsibilities outlined in all applicable laws, its bylaws and its corporate policies.

The Board fulfills its responsibilities honestly, respectfully, in good faith and in the best interests of the corporation. The Board also commits to applying the highest standards of financial stewardship of monies it collects from donors and clearly communicating how these resources are used to further the organization’s mission.

Board Orientation Policy (NB-007-2019)

New Board members receive an orientation soon after their election to the NIED Board.

Board Evaluation Policy (NB-09-2019)

The Board of Directors evaluates the organization’s and its own performance annually, prior to the organization’s fall Board meeting.

Declaration of Interests and Conflict Resolution Policy (NB-006-2019)

This policy outlines expectations of NIED’s Board of Directors regarding the declaration of interests that may affect Directors’, Staff members’ and/or Volunteers’ ability to make independent decisions that support NIED’s interests.

The policy also outlines a process to help Directors, Staff and volunteers avoid potential conflicts of interest and steps that can be taken by the President to mitigate or resolve potential or real conflicts of interest.

Questions regarding NIED’s Board of Directors and oversight may be directed to the Executive Director, Michelle D’Amico (