This is NIED

About the National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED)

The National Initiative for Eating Disorders is a not-for-profit coalition of families with loved ones suffering from Eating Disorders. We work alongside healthcare professionals and counselors to increase awareness that Eating Disorders are treatable, brain-based mental health illnesses and to decrease stigma and discrimination against sufferers.

Eating Disorders kill sufferers, bankrupt families and destroy relationships. They deserve the same respect, support, treatment, funding, research and parity as every other physical and mental health illness in Canada.

The serious gaps in current services, delays in treatment, lack of pan-Canadian data, and insufficient training for clinicians and healthcare professionals has impeded resources, research, funding and available treatment options in Canada.

NIED collaborates with community groups, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, schools, social workers, the courts, agencies and like-minded organizations to increase awareness, encourage understanding and initiate prevention of Eating Disorders.

Since NIED was launched February 2012, we have hosted over 55  free educational, interactive symposia with trained professional and speakers. We will continue these informative evenings to bring communities together for support and empower families and sufferers to speak out. We arethe voice of families of Eating Disorder sufferers who are paralyzed with depression, anxiety and othercomorbid and concurrent diagnoses.

NIED Accomplishments – February 2012 – Present

NIED has emerged as a progressive, dynamic and growing national collective voice for those Canadians and their families affected by Eating Disorders. NIED has taken a proactive leadership role actively promoting education, collaborating with community groups, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, schools, social workers and like- minded organizations.

The following represents some of NIED’s accomplishments in almost 5 years:

-  December, 2016 – Ad campaign, Toronto – Dundas Square, Gardiner Expressway and Downtown Underground Path along with editorial and an ad in Toronto Star’s Horizon Magazine:  Travel and Lifestyle Issue

- September, 2016 – Hosted first national meeting in Winnipeg with representatives from across Canada to create the framework for a National Eating Disorder Strategy with Working Committees addressing 6 pillars:  Prevention, Treatment, Education (Awareness), Training (Early Diagnosis & Intervention), Promoting Change

- July, 2016 – Conducted a national survey distributed to: Dieticians, Nutritionists, Primary Care Physicians, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Social Workers, Lived Experience, Parents and Caregivers.

- June, 2016. NIED participated in the first ever World Eating Disorders Action Day. Over 200 partners and 40 countries joined together to help raise awareness for Eating Disorders on social media.

- Had multiple individual meetings on the Hill and provincially to educate and share our  mission to former and current MPs and MPPs.

- Met with MHCC-Mental Health Commission of Canada, CMHA-Canadian Mental Health Association, Stats Canada, CMA-Canadian Medical Association and the Chief Public Health Officer.

- Joined, and are an active member of CAMIMH – Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health, the only organization to represent Eating Disorders on mental health agendas.

- Ongoing collaboration with organizations such as; EDAC- Eating Disorders Association of Canada, NEDIC-National Eating Disorder Information Centre, BANA-Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association, F.E.A.S.T- Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders, Sheena’s Place, Danielle’s Place, Hope’s Garden, EDOYR – Eating Disorders of York Region, Looking Glass Foundation in BC, Hopewell – Ottawa, MDSC – Mood Disorder Society of Canada.

- Facilitated over 55 FREE symposiums across the GTA and Ottawa, reaching 3,000 people looking for support/help/answers/understanding. Now live-streaming symposia to provide more support by reaching a broader audience.

- Held 4 anniversary “Honouring the Journey” events – an evening of Hope, Tribute, Inspiration and Celebration.

-  Coordinated Eating Disorders Awareness week (EDAW) across the country.

- Initiated the Standing Committee on the Status of Women conducting a national study on Eating Disorders Amongst Girls and Women

- Ongoing interviews for Global TV with a parliamentary reporter, coverage in The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen and Rogers TV.

-  Working with Mood Disorder Society of Canada for a CME-Continuing Medical Education on Eating Disorders.

- October, 2015 – Successfully organized an inaugural M.O.M March – Mothers And Others March against Eating Disorders, in 5 Provinces, 6 events with 300 people in attendance and 100’s more participating in a virtual march.

- March 2014 – Organized a meeting day at Queen’s Park, Toronto.

-  October, 2013 – Catalyst for a strategy planning meeting to create a National Eating Disorder Foundation.