Posts made in June, 2014

Products Glamourizing Eating Disorders for Profit at HBC & Cafepress

We’d like to bring to your attention to an important incident that has occurred this week. The Hudson’s Bay – a well-respected company – has been selling a T Shirt “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” We could really use your help to immediately bring this to the public’s attention and keep it top of mind. The fact that at least four news articles have been...

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A Special Request: How YOU Can Help

As you are aware, NIED has been to Ottawa four times. At a recent meeting, our MP, Mark Adler strongly recommended that we get all of you involved in a very simple way: In order for NIED to continue to be successful in Ottawa and to further our mission of awareness – we ask YOU, your family and your friends – to book an appointment with YOUR MP to meet for 30 minutes and to share your...

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