Posts made in May, 2013

Eating Myself Crazy, Treena Wynes

Earlier this month, Treena Wynes joined NIED from Saskatoon to discuss the launch of her new book, Eating Myself Crazy: How I made peace with food (and you can too).  Treena Wynes channeled her seven years experience suffering from an eating disorder into healthfully raising her family, and fostering a successful career as both a social worker and private counsellor.  After overcoming bulimia,...

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Wendy Preskow on CTV’s Dr. Marla

NIED’s Founder, President and Chief Advocate, Wendy Preskow continues to break the silence on eating disorders. Wendy paid a visit to CTV’s hit show, Dr. Marla & Friends to discuss her own experiences, the state of treatment in Canada, and the importance of NIED. The episode of Dr. Marla & Friends aired Monday, May 13. Watch it here (Part 3):   There are many...

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Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

Time after time, Family Based Therapy has been proven as an effective component in the treatment of eating disorders. Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an innovative model, in which a great deal of focus is on the caregiver. Dr. Joanne Dolhanty and Dr. Adele Lafrance Robinson explained the fundamentals of EFFT at this year’s NEDIC Conference for Body Image and Self-Esteem. EFFT...

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